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Escape from the every day.

One breath at a time.



For Maureen Hayward, healing with her hands was a calling that came two decades ago.

Working in various clinics around the GTA for years, she then moved to Hamilton with her husband in 2013 and fell in love with the Crown Point neighbourhood and its people. It became clear to her that there was still a demand for registered massage therapists in the community, so she decided to take the next step.

Maureen found a space in a historic building on Ottawa Street that immediately felt right, and didn’t let the opportunity pass her by. She opened Aloft in May 2016, and has since focused on improving the health of local clients, while also working with other local healthcare workers to build the Ottawa Street Health Collective.

Now settled into her own massage clinic, Maureen concentrates on her core values – creating a positive and accepting environment for patients and other therapists, and partnering with other local businesses to help each other succeed.

Maureen loves her community here in Hamilton as much as she loves seeing people get relief from stress and pain. Book today and let her melt away your discomfort, or just enjoy a relaxing massage because you deserve one.



Whole Body Healing

There are many benefits to massage therapy – not only can it relieve pain caused by strenuous activities or sitting too long in an office, it can also improve your range of motion.

As well, massage has been shown to improve circulation, promote better sleep, manage stress, aid in digestion and even release endorphins that can instantly boost your mood and sense of calm. Natural essential oils can also be used to enhance the experience and your sense of well-being.

Massage therapy is a regulated profession in Ontario, meaning the practitioner must be licensed and compliant with the quality assurance standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Neck Therapy


A Personal Approach

Maureen is authorized to use acupuncture as part of her massage therapy treatments by the CMTO and the Ontario Ministry of Health. It is an efficient way to change the texture of body tissues quickly, and can be used both to relieve muscle tension and to induce deeper relaxation.

Acupuncture is offered as part of a massage therapy session with no additional cost. It is one of many tools that can be used to tailor your experience here and improve the outcome.


Rehabilitative Pilates based exercises

Maureen's approach to Pilates is focused on the individual needs of the people who show up for class.

Whether you are working one-on-one in a Move and Rest appointment, or participating in a group class, you are encouraged to connect with your own body sensations and work with the tools we are offering to do what feels right for you on that day. Our focus is on strengthening the connections between our brains and our body parts to recruit and use the muscles that are there to get us through life each day, leading to more natural and logical functioning of your musculoskeletal self. 

If you want to actively resolve your own pain and challenge limitations, this is the way to do it!




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