Melt away pain, tension and stress.

Life is stressful, but getting a massage shouldn’t be. The therapists at Aloft Registered Massage Therapy are in tune with your needs, whether you prefer a lighter touch or deeper pressure through a variety of therapeutic massage techniques.

Regular visits to a massage therapist have been proven to reduce pain, increase range of motion, and even boost your mood.

Registered Massage Therapy


There are many benefits to massage therapy – not only can it relieve pain caused by strenuous activities or improper posture sitting in an office, it can also improve your range of motion.

While most people already know those facts, there’s more to massage than you might be aware of. Proper massage has been shown to improve circulation, promote better sleep, boost immunity, manage stress, aid in digestion and even release endorphins that can instantly boost your mood and sense of calm. Natural essential oils can also be used to enhance the experience and your sense of well-being.

Massage therapy is a regulated profession in Ontario, meaning the practitioner must be licensed and regularly attend training to expand their knowledge and ability.



This is a centuries-old technique using very fine sterile needles in key points to help encourage your body’s natural healing response. It is a safe alternative to medications for pain relief, and is commonly used as a remedy for low back pain and even stiff joints.

Acupuncture can reduce physical pain, but it has also been shown to also help address psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Maureen practices acupuncture based in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and uses it upon request to complement massage therapy for optimal results.

Manual Therapy


Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that puts the body in a position to heal itself.

Osteopaths believe that if something is not healing or if there is a state of disease in the body, it is because there is a lack of blood or nerve supply to the area.

It is the Osteopath’s job to trace the blood and nerve supply to its source and remove all obstructions to healing. Osteopaths put their main focus into two systems: blood/circulatory and nerves/nervous system. Blood is what provides nutrients to tissues and organs, and nerves control the function of tissues and organs.

Osteopathic treatment is a collection of precise, yet gentle manipulations that are not forced on the body.

R Devine Skin Treatments


Aloft is proud to partner with R Devine Organic Skin Care, a handmade-in-Hamilton line of products that are created with love – as well as all-natural ingredients that deliver optimal results.

Aloft carries a number of R Devine products in its retail section, including the Hibiscus facial exfoliant + mask, salt + herbal bath tea, and natural bar soap.

The massage studio has taken the benefits of the products one step further by offering the R Devine Spa Experience, a 90-minute session that combines the benefits of a massage with R Devine products applied to the face, arms, neck, shoulders, scalp, and feet.

Rachel Devine, the creator of the R Devine line, is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur who learned the power of self-care working in the spa industry.

Frequently Asked

YES. We direct bill most major insurance companies, meaning you’ll only have to pay at the time of treatment if your insurance doesn’t cover the entire bill.

Aside from direct billing your insurance company, we also accept debit, most credit cards, and cash.

It means we strive to create a body-positive environment and welcoming space for all clients – regardless of gender, background and orientation – so they feel comfortable during their visit.

No. If you’re getting an upper body massage only, you can leave your pants on. If you’re getting a full-body massage, you can keep your underwear on. You can even stay fully clothed for your massage because what clothes you take off is entirely your decision. You’ll be covered under sheets during the session, and the therapist allows you time to change before and after treatment.

You might feel some discomfort in areas where your muscles are tender, however you can alert your therapist and they can adjust pressure accordingly. Some clients may feel a bit sore following a deep tissue treatment; this is not a cause for alarm.

YES. Expectant mothers and even newborns can benefit from the soothing touch of a massage therapist. Not only that, new parents can leave a session with techniques they can apply at home to promote health in newborns.

YES. You’ll receive emailed instructions on where to park on-site when you book a treatment.

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